Top Predator of Sumatra Forest

Harimau sumatra/ Panthera tigris sumatrae

The Sumatran tiger is a carnivorous animal classified as rare animals that are very difficult to encounter. In Sumatra, tigers can be found in coastal forests up to the mountain forests. The Sumatran tiger is an extremely large predator. Data from the Kerinci Seblat Central National Park showed that from 1998 to 2002 about 253 Sumatran tigers were hunted illegally, killed or captured alive or an annual average of 51 tigers. Current population estimates that the Sumatran tigers range from 300 to 500 individuals. The remaining population is still threatened by habitat destruction and poaching activities.


Nikon D200 with 80-200mm f.2,8D lens; 1/180 sec. at f.8: ISO 640; tripod.


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