107+ Indonesian Snakes

Book Description

This book is an effort to fulfill the literature vacancy on Indonesian snakes. The author is a biology scholar as well as Indonesia wildlife photographer. He compiled snake photos from his 30 years of photo documentation throughout Indonesia. Using photography as the main media serves a clear visual in order to differentiate various Indonesian snakes and make it easier to common people, even to children readers. Snakes are grouped by the existence of fang. To make it easier, they are labeled with a green label for Aglypha – type of snakes without fangs, they are non-venomous; yellow label for Ophistoglypha, rear-fanged snakes, which generally have low or mild venom. The highly venomous snakes are Solenoglypha, orange label, the type of snakes with long, hinged fangs; and Proteroglypha, red label, the type of snake that have short, fixed front fangs. Important data of each species is also presented includes size, habitat, food, reproduction and distribution. Brief information about snakes, the myth or fact of snakes, how to prevent snakebite and snakebite handling are also provided.


ISBN 9786029806014




14,75 cm x 21 cm


Hardcover 650 gr; Softcover 550gr


Hot glue and stitching