Capturing Indonesian Wildlife

Experience the beauty and diversity of Indonesian wildlife through the lens of Riza Marlon, a renowned wildlife photojournalist.

About Riza Marlon

Riza Marlon is an Indonesian wildlife photojournalist with more than 25 years of experiences. With his background in biological sciences, he has been intensively involved in various assignments on documenting Indonesian wildlife with both domestic and global NGOs as well as assisting international TV documentary program to make known Indonesian wildlife to the world.


His very first book entitled Living Treasures of Indonesia was launched in 2010. Due to his concerns regarding the lacking of Indonesian snakes’ literature, he launched his second book entitled “Panduan Visual dan Identifikasi Lapangan: 107+ Ular Indonesia” (“Photographic Guide and Field Identification: 107+ Indonesian Snakes”).

The Wallacea region is rich in endemic animals which many of them can be found nowhere else in the world. His third book, Wallace’s Living Legacy, is dedicated to making known those animals that are present in this region.

Dedication for wildlife

Riza also serves as a professional speaker who is regularly invited to share his knowledge and experiences in various talk shows, workshops, photography training.Often, he is also invited to be a judge in many photography competitions that are specifically related to the natural environment and wildlife in Indonesia.

Becoming a professional with constancy and persistence in the silent path of wildlife photography in Indonesia is a challenging work. However, it has and will not stop him from continuing his work. In fact, he carries on to producing documentation and socializing Indonesian precious endemic species through books and other possible ways.