Living treasures of Indonesia

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Indonesia is a rich country with landscapes, flora, and fauna that are very worthy to be exposed to all Indonesia people, even to the world. Divided only in three chapters, explained the three bioregions in Indonesia; the Sunda bioregion, the Wallacea bioregion and the Sahul bioregion. During the Pleistocene era, when sea level lowered many islands in Indonesia became interlinked. Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, and Bali were linked into the Sunda shelf that many animals including large mammals such as rhinoceros, elephants, and tigers that are native species of the Asian mainland, are also found in Sumatra.


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The Wallacea bioregion includes Sulawesi, Moluccas islands, and Lesser Sunda islands are separated from Sunda shelf by a deep sea. It has its own unique, endemic wildlife such as maleos, babirusas, and tarsiers. The Sahul shelf once also connected Papua islands to the Australian continent and they share many animals including marsupials and poisonous snakes.

Those more than 200 photos in this book is a 20-years-old documentary of Riza Marlon, an Indonesian wildlife photographer; written in popular-scientific English that is easy to understand. Caption in each photo is valuable information to introduce Indonesian animals, as well as complete camera data information to be a reference for photography enthusiasts. It is to be hoped that more and more photographers are called to document the diversity of Indonesian wildlife. This book comes with an Introduction written by Professor. Dr. Emil Salim, S.E., a highly respected figure in the world of environmental conservation of Indonesia.